Another month has come and gone, representing four more weeks of growth and development for our international network of colleagues and collaborators. Recently, we’ve been attending numerous meetings and conferences, dining with clients and colleagues, and even visiting Venice! Read on to find out more... 

Hospitality Design Conference: 


Our Italian country head, Maria Luisa Daglia, visited the Hospitality Design Conference in Milan, Italy. The networking event was a wonderful opportunity to discuss ideas and hear from international experts on the vast world of hospitality design. 

Italian Team Spring Dinner: 


Fresh off the back of their Milan office opening, our Italian team enjoyed dinner together to celebrate a successful spring. The creative crew left their mark on the table too! 

Welcome Lunch in Luxembourg: 

We’re never ones to miss a good meal, or a chance to develop our strong team spirit and welcome newcomers. Last month, our Luxembourg team welcomed Luigi Prencipe, our new financial controller with lunch in the capital. Ciao Luigi! 

Design Forecast by Gensler: 

We attended Design Forecast 2024 with Gensler, an internationally renowned design and architecture firm and long-time Agilité collaborator. The Design Forecast is a collection of numerous trends and predictions impacting design across the globe, and it was fascinating to hear Gensler’s insights for the 12 months to come. 

Dinner with PSG: 

Football fever is gripping Europe, with the UEFA Euro 2024 tournament getting underway in Germany this June. It’s no different here at Agilité, with all but one of our offices being represented by a competing team (sorry Luxembourg!). 

Sticking with the soccer spirit, our Parisian colleagues recently celebrated the handover of a flagship project with the prestigious Paris Saint-Germain football club, where it successfully delivered one of its ‘Megastores’. 

The Plan in Venice: 

Rounding out May, we attended the 15th edition of Perspective Europe, a one-of-a-kind international architecture and design forum in historic Venice, Italy. 

For our team, represented on the ground by Martina and Carlotta, it was a great opportunity to meet industry leaders, forge new business relations and learn about the latest developments and innovations from within the industry. 

This has been a month of celebrating past successes, and securing future ones. From talks in Milan, and team dinners in Italy and Luxembourg, to exciting insights from Gensler and celebrating with PSG, we’ve been very busy as always. Ending May in Venice at the Perspective Europe forum was the cherry on top. 

Stay tuned for more updates from Agilité next month. 

Agilité takes pride in encompassing some of the most experienced global talent from the world of design, build, construction and project management in its pan-European team. 

As you know, we love to share the depth and breadth of our team, and what better way than spotlighting each … Next up, it’s Gert Rediker. 

1. Hello Gert! Firstly, tell us what inspired you to join the Agilité team. 

I was very impressed by all the locations in Europe (and beyond) where Agilité works, and the vast list of clients and projects across the continent. Several clients with repeat projects in multiple locations speaks to the quality of our work – something I am proud to contribute to. I also feel hugely inspired by the company's active involvement towards a positive environmental stance – displayed through our recent B Corp certification. 

2. Can you share a little bit about what you do, and the role you play in the delivery of Agilité's projects? 

I joined Agilité in November 2023, as part of the growing London team in our recently opened Farringdon office. I’m currently in a senior project management position, overseeing all aspects of our deliveries on the ground. 

3. How would you describe our organisation and the work we do to someone who had never heard of Agilité before? 

I would say that Agilité stands out in its approach to the ESG and strives to complete projects to a very high standard — leaving a lasting positive impression on clients. As a B-Corp certified company, Agilité does not stop looking for new opportunities to positively impact the communities it works with. I feel proud to be part of and putting my name to this fantastic team. 

4. What has been your favourite Agilité project to work on, to date? 

My first project - Alo Yoga Regent Street, London. This was a flagship store for the client, and close to our office here in the UK! 

5. Describe a defining moment in your career, and how it has shaped the work you do at Agilité. 

Rather than a specific moment, I would say my broad experience across both big and small construction companies during my 25-year career is what has equipped me with knowledge and experience to successfully manage complex projects. This has shaped my approach to project management to collaborate with subcontracting teams, completing projects on time and to a high standard.  

6. If a dream client were to call, who would it be and why? (please name a specific brand or organisation) 

I see all clients as equally important, so I treat them all as dream clients, from large corporations to small individual businesses. Their success means our success, no matter the size or status! 

8. What one piece of advice would you give to a client looking to expand into a new country, drawing from your experiences and expertise? 

You can trust Agilité to assist the process as we have vast experience working in several international locations, as well as a proven track record of completing projects successfully to a high standard. 

9. What excites you most about the future of Agilité? How do you see your role contributing to this vision? 

I’m thrilled by the prospect of branching out to other international destinations and providing existing clients with a trusted team to complete their projects.In my role I will always strive to be the best in what we do, I see myself contributing by sharing my wealth of experience and know-how with other team members which will help strengthen our already successful team. 

10. In what ways do you envision Agilité continuing to lead the way in sustainable practices within the construction industry?

Agilité continues to explore opportunities to become more sustainable and is already making a positive impact at home and beyond with all the charity work we contribute to. This not only has a massive impact on our immediate environment but also on the lives of those less fortunate further afield. 

 11. What industry changes or trends do you think will have the biggest impact on our sector over the coming year? 

I foresee a greater focus on sustainable building practices as well as a continued emphasis on attracting and maintaining a skilled workforce to complete projects successfully. 

12. And finally, when you’re not at work, where are we most likely to find you? 

Generally, I enjoy hiking in local forestry and travelling. When home you can find me busy in the garden, when the UK weather allows of course! 

Agilité is delighted to announce our partnership with Article 25, a charity dedicated to managing sustainable construction projects in areas of extreme poverty.  

This collaboration is a testament to Agilité's commitment to social responsibility and aligns seamlessly with our Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) philosophy. As a certified B-Corp, Agilité has been at the forefront of integrating sustainable practices into our business model, and this partnership allows us to extend our impact beyond construction sites and into communities in need. 

Article 25 works tirelessly to ensure that children can complete their education, access healthcare, and grow up in safe homes – resilient against climate change. Through our partnership, Agilité will contribute to these efforts, reinforcing our pledge to affect positive change within supply chain and business operations.  

The partnership is not just about financial support; it's about sharing knowledge, resources, and a vision for a world where every structure is built with the wellbeing of its inhabitants and the environment in mind. And, with opportunities for our colleagues to physically make an impact on projects, through secondment to site or workshops with local development teams, we're keen to continue our involvement in this important work. 

The synergy between Agilité's ESG goals and the mission of Article 25 is clear. Both strive for a sustainable built environment that mitigates ecological impact and adapts to change, and this partnership will help us make significant strides towards this shared goal. Agilité's expertise in creating spaces that redefine how we work and live, combined with Article 25’s focus on sustainable architecture in impoverished areas, will lead to innovative solutions that empower people and protect the planet.  

This is a significant step forward in Agilité’s journey to redefine success in business and a great example of its ESG philosophy in action. We are proud to embark on this journey and look forward to the positive changes these combined efforts will bring. 

Find out more about Article 25, here. 

With a notebook full of new contacts and heads filled with ideas and inspiration, the team has been reflecting on another successful trip to Clerkenwell Design Week – and in 2024, Agilité was in the thick of the action. 

Our new office in Farringdon, London sits right on the doorstep of Clerkenwell Design Week and amongst the high concentration of creative businesses and architectural practices the area – and event – is synonymous with. This year was no different, as over 600 industry professionals (including us) hosted showroom events, exhibitions, panel discussions and exclusive product launches.  

Daniel Hunt, Agilité UK country head says: “Testament to Clerkenwell's status as a global design hub, this year’s event was a melting pot of innovation and inspiration and there was a real buzz to the place. It was fantastic to be able to meet our peers – and neighbours – throughout the week, and welcome people to our London office, too. We’re already counting down the days to 2025!” 


So, what did we discover? Here are our top five takeaways from Clerkenwell Design Week 2024: 


  1. Sustainable and circular solutions  

A strong emphasis was placed on sustainability once again this year, and among many of the presentations we visited, material selection was a common theme. There were numerous exhibitors showcasing eco-friendly materials and designs that promise to reduce environmental impact without compromising style or functionality.  

Circularity was a key theme, with recycle and reuse solutions such as Alusid’s Mas tiles, made using waste from the tile manufacturing process as well as Spark & Bell’s Florence wall light (created using recycled CD cases) both offering inspirational and versatile interior options.  

2. Waste not, want not 

Linked to the above, one of the biggest challenges clients face during a construction project is around site waste, so it was interesting to see how project/construction-specific detritus is being repurposed into everything from lampshades to worktops. One such example came from Tabitha Bargh, who presented ‘Poly’ a new lighting collection which transforms old Correx estate agent advertising boards into various stylish shades. We also saw terrazzo worktops made from repurposed tiles – products that wouldn’t look out of place in a stylish bar or restaurant, courtesy of J Adams & Co showroom. 

3. Technological integrations  

As well as the adoption of a design philosophy which prioritises sustainability, the seamless integration of technology into all facets of design – including furniture and fittings – has its own power (pardon the pun) to create energy-efficient spaces. It was interesting to be able to get up close to some bleeding-edge technologies and seeing what smart and connected workspaces are/will be demanding to cater to the needs of modern businesses was a real eye-opener. 

4. Flexible workplaces 

Continuing to reflect the evolving nature of the workplace, flexible and modular designs were prominent – with lots of exhibitors offering adaptable solutions for dynamic commercial environments that require versatility. This is a theme we noticed during a recent roundtable with AECOM, tp bennett and GDM Group, exploring the shifting requirements of landlords and tenants alike – particularly in terms of energy efficient solutions which have the potential to extend the property's lifecycle and adapt to changing tenant needs. 

Something we found particularly interesting was the unveiling of Benchmark’s new ILE range of modular workspace furniture (designed by Foster + Partners Industrial Design) which blends the beauty of bespoke carpentry with the practicality of reconfigurable elements — designed to last the lifetime of a workplace. 

5.Artisanal craftsmanship 

As is often the case with events such as this, there was a heavy appreciation for artisanal craftsmanship, with plenty of bespoke pieces on show – each highlighting the skill and artistry involved in bespoke pieces. This linked nicely to points raised in our roundtable, which explored the potential for bespoke joinery to add a significant impact, and ‘wow factor’ to a space. At a time when we’re still seeing a lot of clients wanting to support the local economy, it’s these kinds of intricate pieces that not only elevate a project but supports local creatives too – as well as reducing the carbon footprint associated with mass-produced items. 

Ultimately, it was refreshing to hear the industry and our peers talking about the route towards a more sustainable construction future – and embedding this mindset into the design culture. While there is, naturally, still work to be done in making the case for such solutions to clients, the foundations are clearly in place, particularly if our industry stays true to the underlying narrative of this year’s event. 

On the road: Office openings, cross-border collaboration and powering up the UK  

If early spring saw a focus on our growing UK team — with project completions and our Farringdon office opening — then late spring certainly sees the emphasis shifting into mainland Europe and Agilité Italia. 

Read on to discover what our teams in and out of Italy have been getting up to lately! 

Another month, another office opening:

In April, we celebrated the opening of our brand-new Milan office! Located on Via Cartesio 2, the new HQ strengthens our presence in Italy, which has stood since 2019, and follows our growth in turnover, sustainability, headcount and process quality. Bellissimo! 

Supporting local sustainability missions: 










We’re always looking for opportunities to make a tangible difference to the community, and for our Italian team, this involved numerous activities in April. We supported the launch of a book on Milan's urban regeneration, volunteered with Plastic Free to help clean up P.le Cantore, and engaged with our fellow B Corp businesses in a stunning Apple Store. 🚮 🌍 

Design week on our doorstep (in Milan):

As the biggest annual design event in the world (and right on our doorstep) you just know we were getting stuck in! With countless installations and events spread across the city in mid-April, and a theme of circularity, inclusiveness and the promotion of young talents, it was a fantastic and inspirational week. 

It’s all about operational excellence:

Mid-month at Agilité means Lunch and Learn! This month, we heard from Pete Dennis of Cedar Oak LLP, as he talked about the importance of operation excellence. Pete broke down the key behaviours we can all aspire to include in our working lives, which will contribute to a successful, respectful and progressive team. 

Crossing borders with General Motors: 

We held a cross-border meeting with some of our teams and co-collaborators working on General Motors’ latest project in late April. The meeting was attended by Gensler, General Motors, and Agilité’s French, German and Italian teams. Communication is one of our key pillars to success, and although modern technology is fantastic for this, nothing beats travelling abroad to hold these important meetings face-to-face. 

Battersea – powering inspiration for the UK team: 

We rounded out the month with a visit to the stunningly overhauled Battersea Power Station, an icon of the London skyline. We visited the regeneration project with the Society of Industrial and Office Realtors (SIOR) to pick up inspiration from one of the country’s most famous and significant design and architecture projects of recent years. 

That’s a wrap! 

After the whirlwind of activities that March brought, April was quieter, but no less productive and informative. Stay tuned to our channels to keep up to date with everything we get up to next month! 

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