Getting to know Cormac O’Sullivan — our recently promoted operations director

10th Feb 2023

Cormac O’Sullivan is no stranger to the wider Agilité family, having been a part of our team since 2019 – when he joined as a project manager. Following his recent promotions to operations director (Rest of Europe), we caught up with him, to find out more about his new role – and his ambitions.

Under his new remit, Cormac assumes ultimate responsibility for any of our deliveries outside of France and Italy – which are led by Galia Minkara and Maria Luisa Daglia, respectively. Day-to-day, he will oversee our international commercial interiors projects, taking them from A-Z and ensuring our teams, partners, and suppliers are set up to do just that. 

Having been an integral part of the business for the past four years, Cormac’s progression has been in tandem with Agilité’s own exponential growth. A civil engineer by training, and with a background in Cat A/B corporate real estate fit out projects, Cormac is our go-to for the ‘big’ projects that land at our door. 

Challenges he enjoys because of the diversity within the team: “Bigger projects equate to more people and therefore a more diverse crew. You’re meeting individuals from all walks of life, with differing experiences and opinions – allowing for a truly collaborative build,” explained Cormac.

So, without further ado, we thought we’d put Cormac in the hotseat, and find out a little more about him... 


Which one word would colleagues use to describe you? 

Direct - I like to get to the point!


Why do you think Agilité stands out from competitors? 

We get things done. By understanding our clients, we know how to get them from point A to point B – on a hassle-free journey. No matter what happens on a project, we’ll find a way to facilitate it, whatever it takes.


You have worked in some amazing places around the world. Which has been your favourite? 

San Fransisco. It was prior to working with Agilité, and I was doing groundwork in civil engineering. If I had to choose somewhere in Europe it would have to be Lisbon – and project-wise, I’d probably say, Kirkland and Ellis, and many of the confidential tech projects we work on.


What’s your biggest career highlight to date? 

Having my own career follow Agilité’s growth trajectory – the genesis of it feels pretty special. 


The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who is it? 



What key piece of advice would you give to a client planning a commercial interiors project? 

Proper due diligence is key – on the building or the space you’re taking – and underpins the success of the entire delivery, so don’t rush it!


When you’re not at work, where are we most likely to find you? 

I live in Bordeaux, France, so much of my downtime is spent on the beach or in the water, surfing. 


What’s next for Agilité?  

That would be telling! What I can say, is that you can expect to see us exploring new opportunities and new geographies – both in and outside of Europe.


As an organisation with sustainability at its heart, Agilité  is dedicated to minimising environmental impact within the construction industry. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the sector, and how do you think we can rectify it?  

That is such a hard question, because there are so many wider economic factors at play – particularly now. As an industry, we need to phase out old methods of choosing products, and manufacturers and designers should seek to collaborate to offer more sustainable options.

Those involved in planning a project would use ‘greener’ options if they knew where to find them, but if such a solution isn’t obviously on the market, people won’t go looking for it. I do believe that clients would buy into them, if they were readily available. 

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