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7 must-know office interior trends in 2020

The modern workplace is continually evolving and becoming increasingly employee centric, with a heightened focus on not just providing staff with the right equipment and tech, but also an environment where they feel well looked after – both physically and mentally.

Paying attention to the needs of the colleague are proven to result in increased productivity, cost effectiveness, the attraction of new talent and it’s therefore no surprise that it improves staff retention.

Companies of all sizes – large and small – are buying into the benefits of creating a workplace that they and their staff can be proud of. And at Agilité from corporate headquarters to co-worker hubs, we are able to adapt regardless of size, and can either create new office environments or retrofit existing spaces.

So, what office interior trends can you expect to see in 2020?

1. Bold palates, prints and wallpapers are coming back with a bang. Colour makes a big difference to mood and productivity, so it’s worth putting thought into your decorative decisions.

2. More and more companies are looking to create a workplace that provides space for concentration, research and personal reflection. Breakaway areas and quiet rooms are becoming more popular than ever.

3. Outdoor working spaces are set to become commonplace, firstly for space saving reasons, rooftops – including balconies, but also to offer fresh air and a change of scene from desk-based working.

4. In an already competitive market, organisations must stand out to attract the very best talent. On-site gyms, ‘chill-out’ rooms and meeting hubs are set to rise in popularity.

5. Unconventional use of space for staff to work from is also on the rise – think corridors and even under the stairs! Technology has of course driven this shift, as we’re able to work wirelessly without being tethered to a desk. This trend also feeds into the need for privacy, quiet and ways of working tailored to the individual.

6. As sustainability takes centre stage, there is expected to be an increase in demand for workplace furniture and materials which have strong eco credentials.

7. Continuing the theme of re-use not replace, we’re seeing a shift towards embracing old, iconic buildings and transforming underutilised areas into a fresh office environment, rather than building something new.

We will support you through the entire office refurb process and ensure minimal disruption irrespective of the project’s scale, budget and/or programme constraints.

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