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A closer look at experiential retail: the saviour of the high street?

The past 18 months has been far from easy for the retail sector – with brands forced to think on their feet in a bid to survive. While few made it through the pandemic unscathed, there has been much discussion around what the future holds for the shopping sector.

There’s no escaping the fact that buyer habits have evolved apace, and consumers are now demanding a hassle-free, enjoyable experience when it comes to parting with their hard-earned cash. And, as with all periods of great change, this can offer opportunities to those who commit to staying ahead of the curve.

Understanding how to elevate the customer experience – be it via omnichannel, experiential retail, or simply by adapting existing processes – will inevitably pave the way for trend-setters to emerge as market leaders.

Now is the time for the retail sector to ditch the ‘it’s what we’ve always done’ approach, and truly understand how brands can make the customer experience the very best it can possibly be.  

Heavyweights within the industry – including Gensler, Bush & Associates, BDP, Lunson Mitchenall, and Insider Trends – have contributed to our straight-talking guide, which takes a closer look at what experiential retail really means, who is ‘doing it well’, how data can be used to create a new style customer journey, and ultimately, what the future may hold for our high street.

Our downloadable document features commentary around:

  • How we entice people back into bricks and mortar stores
  • The changing face of shopping centres
  • Omnichannel and being at the cutting edge of personalisation
  • What’s changing for commercial landlords – and the challenges they face

Download your FREE copy of the guide, here.

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