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Team Spotlight – Meet Kirsty Shearer

We’ve worked hard to recruit some of the most experienced global talent from the world of design, build, construction and project management. Each month, we put one of our colleagues in the spotlight so you can learn a little more about their role.

First up, it’s development director Kirsty Shearer…

1. Describe your job in one paragraph

I have a dual role of managing our Luxembourg office, where we administer most of our international projects, and also leading the pan-European development of the Agilité brand. I have an active role in coordinating marketing campaigns, as well as attending client and business development forums.

2. Which one word would colleagues use to describe you?

Hopefully adaptable or committed.

3. Why do you think Agilité stands out from competitors?

Due to our desire to deliver across Europe in a consistent manner, by using talented local teams. We are also unswervingly committed to making sure clients understand the opportunities and challenges associated with establishing, relocating or growing their businesses in different cities and countries.

“We hope we are a breath of fresh air in an industry full of corporations who sometimes focus on making a quick buck, rather than looking after the long-term aims of clients.”

4. You have worked in some amazing places around the world. Which has been your favourite?

Zurich – this can be a complex and challenging market to work in, but there is a real influx of international business in the city and our expertise is being heavily relied on, as a result. It is an extremely beautiful place.

5. What’s your biggest career highlight to date?

Successfully setting up a business in Luxembourg that has international reach and now works successfully with many clients – large and small – across Europe.

6. The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who is it?

Inditex – they are one of the major fashion houses with eight brands underneath them. They are a truly international, fashion-forward business, their stores are striking and they continually refresh their concepts to attract customer attention.

They cover many different locations, and we work in many of them. It would be an honour to support them, either on their small, multi-store boutiques or their major flagships. They also have a strong sustainability agenda and governance, and I think we would be able to foster a long lasting relationship.

7. What key piece of advice would you give to a client planning a fit out project on a budget?

“Make sure you have a clear idea of what you are trying to create from the outset.”

Define these ideas and stick with them. Great spaces can be created on a budget.

8. What’s the best feature you’ve ever helped a client achieve in their space?

I’m less involved in client delivery, as I’m usually involved in projects at the outset, but I was particularly wowed by the team’s speed and quality of delivery for – our largest and most challenging project to date.

9. When you’re not at work, where are we most likely to find you?

I love to travel, so when I’m not too busy with work I enjoy setting off for a weekend break.

10. What’s next for Agilité?

Our key focus at present is to sustain our growth and consolidate our position in the market. We are continuing to expand as a brand and develop into new locations, and we have welcomed some amazing new people into the team to support that journey. We’re immensely proud of our ethos and we will remain committed to further improving our processes, as the company evolves, so that we can maintain the standards we’ve become known for.

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