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Team spotlight – meet Phil Corbett

We’ve worked hard to recruit some of the most experienced global talent from the world of design, build, construction and project management. Each month, we put one of our colleagues in the spotlight so you can learn a little more about their role…

1. Describe your job in one paragraph

I’m responsible for the contractual and financial administration of all our contracts, both upstream with the client and their team, and downstream with our supply chain.

2. Which one word would colleagues use to describe you?


3. Why do you think Agilité stands out from competitors?

Enthusiasm. The company is young and energetic, and that’s reflected in how we deliver our projects.

4. You have worked in some amazing places around the world. Which has been your favourite?

The two weeks I spent in La Réunion analysing tenders for the extension of the Aeroport Roland Garros. They were long days, but what a fabulous place to work!

5. What’s your biggest career highlight to date?

It would be cost managing the Paul O’Gorman building project for University College London. It isn’t just an award-winning building, it’s also a world-leading centre for medical research which is saving lives every day.

6. The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who is it?

Elon Musk of Tesla.

7. What key piece of advice would you give to a client planning a fit-out project on a budget?

Be clear in your budget and brief, and how you communicate it to your construction team.

We’re all aiming for the same result – a successful project – and the better we understand your needs and constraints, the easier it is to achieve your goals.

8. What’s the best feature you’ve ever helped a client achieve in their commercial space?

Three full-sized flight simulators.

9. When you’re not at work, where are we most likely to find you?

In the kitchen, cooking up something ambitious.

10. What’s next for Agilité?

Securing a place on everyone’s list of go-to contractors for high-quality fit-outs across Europe.


We work with:
Tiffany & Co.
BMI Group
Deutsche Börse Group
Fred Perry
Skin Laundry
Kirkland & Ellis LLP
Five Guys
JD Sports