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The five most important qualities of the construction supply chain in Europe

We knew from the very beginning of Agilité’s journey, that if we were to help clients enter, relocate or expand throughout Europe – and beyond – we couldn’t rely solely on our own skill-sets.

Regulations, procedures and cultures vary, and although we’re experienced in every element of general contracting – and usually speak the language – our projects are often bolstered by the input of other specialists. That’s why ensuring a robust and reliable construction supply chain is essential to working on a pan-European scale.

Here are five qualities we look for in our European supply chain:

  1. Consistency

Regardless of location, health and safety must be considered the number-one priority for all parties involved in a build project. Every trade or organisation must be code compliant, but ideally should go over-and-above to support regulations that use the most constraining code of conduct – which in most cases across Europe – is the UK.

This also applies to the quality of service, both in terms of price, availability, precision and advice to customers. Using the same processes and systems throughout Europe means that projects are managed and delivered in the most consistent and efficient way. To aid this process, we maintain an open dialogue with our supply chain when it comes to procedures and accreditation.

  1. Mobility

To execute a successful supply chain that can move from one country to another – and stays code compliant – being prepared to adapt, evolve and improve ways of working is key. After all, everyone wants the best value for money, so staying on top of product sourcing and labour costs alongside frequently re-evaluating the most cost-effective solution – without jeopardising quality – leads to a successful project.

  1. Sharing good practice

Knowledge sharing between leadership teams and sub-contractors across Europe is essential. All parties should have the same level of expertise – or share tips and resources – to maintain the high-standards Agilité is known for.

  1. Best-in-class service

We aim to knit together all areas of the supply chain seamlessly, to ensure that whether we’re working in the retail or commercial industries – or anywhere in between – clients benefit from an innovative, best-value and bespoke solution with pro-active and agile team. We pride ourselves on always being ready to help – whether that’s a tender request, phone call or email – and we deliver excellence every time.

  1. Communication

An effective construction function encourages and promotes good communication, not only between buyer and supplier but also throughout the entire supply chain.

Along with collaboration, this creates an environment for continuous improvement. To further deepen and strengthen the relationship between all parties, the sharing of organisational strategies and visions are encouraged and as a result, alignment of targets and objectives occurs so all parties end up working towards one common goal, across any geography.

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