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Welcome Lucia Prado: architect, project manager, and interior designer

It’s been quite the year for Agilité Solutions, with new clients, colleagues, and countries added to our roster. And, as our reputation continues to grow across Europe, we’ve welcomed a new face to our Luxembourg office, in the shape of design consultant, Lucia Prado.

An architect and project manager, Lucia is a graduate from Luxembourg’s School of Business – with an MA in business administration – and has even spent time working as a professor at the Universidad Rafael Landivar in Guatemala. It’s no surprise then, that she loves getting involved in as many projects as possible, and at all levels.

Lucia’s career began as a designer of luxury homes – which is hardly unsurprising, given her passion for the arts, including painting, sculpture, and dance. Luckily for us, though, her work eventually drove her into the world of the corporate office, leading the interior design of workspaces – created solely to foster a positive and productive environment for colleagues.


“I get satisfaction from working on lots of things,” explained Lucia. “I really enjoy building and designing workplaces because I am able to understand what matters to the client and tackle ideas and issues they may have – not only in terms of design, but organisational behaviour, communication and innovation too.”

“Naturally, there’s a real challenge in identifying what someone needs for a space and there is no such thing as a one-size-fits-all solution with any client. That’s why it’s important not only to consider what they need in the here-and-now, but what will still be relevant in the next two, five, and 10 years – as changes happen so quickly – while still managing the limitations of time, budget, and space.”

Of course, there’s been much ‘doom and gloom’ around whether people will want to return to commercial office spaces recently. Media commentary around the closure of big brand HQ’s and large-scale redundancies have done little to allay fears of the dreaded concept of a ‘new normal’. Yet, for many forward-thinking brands, it’s presented a unique opportunity.

Organisations which genuinely live and breathe their values are looking at ways to make their workforce feel valued and listened to – adapting their own slice of real estate to offer something which really resonates with those using it.

Speaking about how she has seen her own client briefs change significantly over the past 18 months, Lucia explained: “Prior to the pandemic we were worried that commercial office space was redundant – but we’ve since discovered the office is a place that people genuinely want to go – albeit with a different function from 2019.

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“Of course, people management is much easier face-to-face, and physically occupying the same building can help to prevent micro-management – while also avoiding the added challenge of dealing with distractions, stress, and ergonomics down to a lack of a ‘proper’ setup at home.

“It’s been well-documented too, that away from the office people are working longer hours, taking fewer breaks, and feeling close to burn out. However, we must also look at the positives this change has fostered too, such as the ability to attract and retain the very brightest and best talent from across the globe. Colleagues no longer need to be in a commuting radius of the office, meaning you can use your HQ for whatever purpose you deem best – but it’s important to make it work for you.”

Speaking about the growing team, Agilité Solutions’ development director Kirsty Shearer added: “Welcoming such a talented individual to the business, working on new and exciting projects, and developing new workstreams and services means it’s a great time to be a part of the Agilité team – we’re looking forward to seeing how the rest of the year pans out.”

To find out more about Lucia Prado, you can connect with her on LinkedIn, here.

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