An immersive trattoria in Hamburg’s beautiful old town

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Big Mamma, Hamburg
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Big Mamma’s vision is to share the authenticity and warmth of traditional Italian trattorias abroad, with each eatery having its unique style while staying distinctly on brand. The client chose Agilité as their construction partner to strip out, refurbish, and bring their clear design concept to life. 

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‘Edmondo’ is Big Mamma’s newest trattoria in the heart of Hamburg’s beautiful old town. Located in a former bank, the interior has been transformed into a vibrant interpretation of the Milan underworld. Guests find classic “Banknote Green” walls, a full velvet Italian ballroom and southern Italian inspired sun terrace, references to modernist geometry, and ‘wise-guy’ influences including an extravagant mirror-faceted bar complete with ceramic panthers. 

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The six-month construction project involved meticulous budget and cost planning, procurement, and programme advice., compliance, and technical due diligence to meet the tight deadline. A stringent approach was taken to health and safety, with requirements outlined in five languages. We acted on behalf of the client to find solutions to challenges including regulations varying from area to area within Hamburg. 


To achieve the precise design vision, every detail had to be double checked to ensure all the finishes met the brief. Critical samples list for materials, including paints, were discussed and signed off by the client or with the client’s chief designer. 

Big Mamma places great importance on its social and environmental footprint, recently acquiring the B-Corp international label. We sourced local suppliers as much as feasibly possible and during the pre-construction dilapidation works, we saved material for reuse —such as the tiles in the small satellite kitchens downstairs.  We also managed separation of different wastes for recycling.  


We communicated closely with the client and their chief designer throughout the whole project, with regular calls and meetings, and provision of a weekly progress report with photography of works undertaken.  


There were several construction challenges that needed to be overcome. For example, as the building was a former bank, the walls were structurally reinforced. Therefore, specialist diamond core drilling subcontractors were sourced for works to the walls and flooring.  

There were some border control challenges with exporting their chosen paint from France, so we collected it ourselves. Paint that was signed off as a sample was no longer being manufactured, but luckily, the company made us a new higher gloss finish.

We relished the opportunity to work with the vibrant, recognisable Big Mamma brand — this time in Hamburg’s beautiful old town. While the project was not without challenges, the result is a striking restaurant that will welcome guests over the threshold for years to come. We’re grateful to Big Mamma for trusting us with the process, and hopefully there are more collaboration opportunities on the horizon.

Lee Garner
Project manager, Agilité

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