When we launched Agilité, the strategy was always to have a seamless pan-European business that could be operational in multiple locations for multiple customers. Growth has been exponential, so after only four years in business, our brand needed a refresh, to reflect the journey we’ve been on, and the reputation we’ve carved in the industry as the European commercial interiors specialist.
That’s why you might have noticed something a little bit different in the way we ‘look and feel recently – and here’s how (and why) we did it.

Formed by a senior management team with extensive experience in the European construction sector, when Agilité was launched in January 2018, we wanted to tackle construction and fit-out projects in the way we truly believed they should be done. Fast-forward four years, and much has changed for the business – but our values and reason for being remain very much the same.

Over the past nine months, we’ve revisited the Agilité brand – alongside our communications partners, Scriba PR, and specialist branding experts, The Engine Room – to ensure the way we present ourselves is consistent across the countries and nationalities we work in.

What began as a Parisian construction and fit-out company, has evolved into a truly Pan-European commercial interiors specialist, with offices in France, Italy, Luxembourg, and the UK – with Germany and the US to follow soon. Therefore, our brief was simple: “Help us to underpin what our brand purpose and principles are and understand how to manifest these throughout various international fractions.”

To start the ‘coming of age’ project, every single one of our colleagues joined a brand workshop to share their interpretation around what Agilité does, our personality, and what sets us apart. The Engine Room also spoke with our clients and consultants, to understand their perspective, too.
All of these elements were brought together to define our purpose and principles – the very foundations of every project and client/colleague interaction.

Agilité Purpose

Agilité principles

While a brand update is about so much more than tweaking the logo, we did update our avatar, as well as our colour palette – but the main element of the project involved communicating our USP in a concise fashion. You’ll now often hear us talk about Agilité PACE.

PACE is the secret to our success, and is the reason why office, retail, hospitality, and leisure clients turn to us time and again. Find out more, here.

Agilité PACE

While we could ruminate around the origins, process, and outcomes of this project for the entire day, the best way to experience the changes, is by taking a look at our website, as well as LinkedIn, and Instagram feeds – please do let us know what you think.

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