Utilising Procore’s software to revolutionise operations

10th Sep 2023

In a bid to manage projects more efficiently and provide an exemplary standard of work to our client base, Agilité began using cloud-based construction project management software, Procore in 2020. 

Here, we delve into the reasons why…  

Used in over 150 countries worldwide — and dispelling the notion that construction is one of the least digitised industries — Procore provides users with the building tools to manage risk, grow profits, and ensure data is secure, all the while boosting productivity and performance. Centred around one true, connected platform, all information is housed in a single app, granting users access and insight into everything happening throughout a project’s life cycle.  

Before Procore, we relied on traditional methods of project management, which were time-consuming and sometimes prone to errors. We also communicated with clients and subcontractors exclusively via email and telephone, which often led to misinterpretations and delays in project completion. As a result, we recognised the need for a more efficient and collaborative approach.  

Since this partnership began, Procore has not only helped Agilité to streamline our project management processes, it has also allowed us to improve communication and collaborate more effectively with clients and subcontractors alike. Team members are able to manage projects anywhere, at any time — a real bonus for our pan-European organisation. Benefitting from full visibility of a project, colleagues are permitted to swiftly identify potential issues and take corrective action before they escalate even further.  

Commenting on the transition, our project manager Zeid Shehadeh noted: “Today, everything happens on the platform — from the call for tenders, through to the final delivery of a project. We are now much more efficient, as all of the information we work with — both internally and externally — is stored and accessible in one place. 

"We try to use Procore for all aspects of the site project, and every day we go from strength to strength, thanks to the regular integration of new tools to the platform. For us, one of the major advantages of Procore has been to unite our teams around projects so that they run as smoothly as possible. We’re looking forward to our continued exploration of this powerful tool and its many integrations.” 

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