Unveiling a contemporary gallery space for McArthurglen’s visitor centre

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La Maison des Métiers d’Art
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Giverny, France

A modern, open-plan visitor’s centre to welcome visitors to the newly opened premium outlet shopping destination. 

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Renowned across Europe, McArthurGlen has established itself as a pioneer in offering fashion enthusiasts unparalleled access to luxury brands. With a commitment to creating inviting, stylish destinations, McArthurGlen has redefined outlet shopping in the retail space.

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In preparation for the opening of the new McArthurGlen in Normandy, Agilité was appointed to create a welcoming gallery by the entrance to the premium outlet, which blended modernity and serenity, and showcased a mosaic water fountain and nine-metre forest installation — produced by local artists, in collaboration with well-known architect, Mathieu Lehanneur.


Agilité’s commitment to precision was exemplified throughout the project. Regular internal team meetings fostered seamless collaboration and ensured we remained true to the client’s original brief. Managing an elaborate supply chain and regulatory nuances, we provided guidance and support to a host of suppliers and subcontractors — resulting in a striking space that will engage and captivate visitors for years to come.


As Agilité and the client were both on site daily, regular face-to-face conversations took place, enabling any design adaptation requests to be managed smoothly and with minimal impact to the project. The space came together through a collaborative effort, driven by innovation and a focus on optimal solutions. Agilité’s robust connections within the supply chain played a pivotal role in guaranteeing timely deliveries, and consistent communication fostered a high level of dedication from all stakeholders, which contributed to the project's success.


The successful completion of the project not only showcased Agilité’s dedication to the development, but aligned with its environmental aspirations in the process. While navigating a number of challenges, such as supply shortages, time constraints, and design revisions, the Agilité team remained focused on the delivery of a dynamic, open-plan space, reception area, server rooms, kitchenette and memorable auditorium.

Throughout the delivery of the maison des métiers d’art, we have been impressed with Agilité’s ability to adapt to numerous moving parts of the project. No task was too large or too small for the team, and the diligent and adaptable approach shown by each colleague made the entire experience simple, straightforward and enjoyable, from start to finish.

Galia Minkara
Operations Director, Agilité

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