Agilite to offset 100% of co2 on all business travel

30th May 2022

As sustainability and preserving the environment continue to be at the heart of everything we do at Agilité Solutions, we are delighted to have joined the GreenPerk initiative — a scheme which allows us to counteract all CO2 emissions of our business trips while exploring greener travel options, in line with our sustainability agenda.

Carbon offsetting is an excellent way for companies and individuals to reduce their CO₂ and other greenhouse gas emissions through contributions to environmental projects.

In a recent press release about the launch of the scheme, GreenPerk’s parent company, TravelPerk said: “With the modern workforce becoming increasingly concerned about the impact they are having on the environment, there is a growing demand for more eco-friendly business travel options and better carbon reporting services.

“The options currently on offer to businesses are severely limited: committing merely to providing data on carbon impact rather than a full, comprehensive solution designed to offset 100% of the carbon generated by business trips. Now with GreenPerk, a company can have a solution that aligns with their long-term sustainability strategy, all at the click of a button.”

Our development director, Kirsty Shearer added: “By no means is the commercial property sector alone in its bid to minimise humanity’s impact on the planet, but as experts in the day-to-day operations of buildings, we, as peers, are perfectly positioned to play a part in creating a sustainable future for generations to come – with a smarter approach to business travel, efficiency and moderation in the supply chain, careful use of materials, and colleagues all proving central to its success.

“While much of our team’s travel across Europe — and beyond — is essential, we are now able to rest easy knowing 100% of the carbon emissions for the company’s business trips are being offset via GreenPerk. And, we’re contributing to the building of hydro plants, biogas and biomass plants, and solar home systems — win win!

Find out more about this fantastic initiative, here.



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