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The expertise of our internal experts is enhanced, from country to country, by the strategic partnerships we have worked hard to develop locally.

Building a sustainable supply chain is important to us. Regulations, procedures, sustainability ambitions, and cultures vary, sometimes even on a state-to-state level, and although we’re experienced in every element of general contracting – and usually speak the language – our turnkey projects are often bolstered by the input of others. We like to support the growth of local suppliers too.

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Agilité’s responsible purchasing program seeks to build a supply chain which understands – and shares – our long-term guiding principles.

For us, sustainable procurement is about working with our partners to ensure long-term benefits to the economy, communities, and environment – to deliver best value for our customers.

On every project, we seek to appoint the optimum combination of suppliers – whose own vision aligns with our overarching commitment to socio-economic and net zero factors – particularly across design, materials, manufacture, logistics, construction, and disposal.

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As part of our work to achieve a more sustainable world, Agilité has implemented certain governing standards for our suppliers – based on the UN’s Global Compact principles. This guidance is to ensure we collaborate with those who share our values regarding sustainability.

We expect that our suppliers, as a minimum, follow our own environmental values when conducting their own business – and this is the starting point for entering into and maintaining a business relationship with Agilité.

These principles are included in our supplier sustainability policy.

Working to shared princples

Our vision comes to life through four key principles designed to focus on delivering value to our customers.

Be proactive – working with purpose to make things happen.

We tackle projects head on and are tenacious in our delivery – moving fast when we can in order to maintain the highest quality in delivery. Experience allows us to anticipate challenges and set expectations, while being agile enough to adapt to the shifting demands of each project.

Be genuine – do what we say we will do

Our business sees no borders or barriers; we are truly international. We believe in people and the power of an honest culture where mutual respect and inclusion allows us to speak openly, but not before we listen first.

Be solutions-focused – focused on the opportunities

By seeing the solution, not the problem, we create a seamless customer experience – although we don’t always follow conventional methods to get there. Collectively, we encourage new ideas and ways of working – driven with genuine enthusiasm – because standing still is not an option.

Be sustainable – make an impact on customers, not on the environment

Our industry has a big impact on the environment, so our business is committed to reducing its global footprint and increasing its social value. We are dedicated to setting an example in our industry, by achieving high, sustainable standards.

All the people involved in the refurbishment of our new offices have been very pleased with the exceptional quality and effort you and your team have put into the successful completion of this project.

Lorenzo Scaravelli
Head of Corporate Development
Neosperience SpA

Designing workspaces is a way to think about efficient, comfortable and stimulating places, where talent can find the keys to make the world a better place. Thanks to the innovative spirit of Neosperience, and the great technical skills of Agilité Solutions, we have succeeded.

Stefano Cappello
architect, Studiokeyø

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