A supply chain partnership with Agilité Solutions

30th May 2022

As a general contractor, we have a wide breadth of expertise in delivering turnkey construction projects with consistent quality control and a personable service, from start to finish. Each and every one of our client projects presents something different and unique to them.

So, here at Agilité Solutions, we are often hired to provide one or two specific elements of a scheme, from initial space-planning expertise to the execution of a pre-determined fit out design – and everything in between!

Here, pre-construction director, Alexandre Loisy, delves into supply chain partnerships with Agilité Solutions.

A phrase that you will often hear uttered at HQ is “you’re only as good as your supply chain”, referring to the strong partnerships we’ve managed to successfully establish with contractors throughout Europe, which enable us to continue to offer a robust and reliable delivery to our clients across retail, hospitality, and corporate industries.

By teaming up with a network of recommended suppliers, we can guarantee wherever our clients are hoping to expand or relocate their organisation, we can help them in their mission.

Doing business the sustainable way

By establishing connections with local suppliers and contractors in a range of locations across Europe, we are able to significantly minimise the negative impact of our developments, reduce the need for unnecessary travel, and decrease our collective carbon footprint — win, win, win!


Why choose Agilité Solutions as your supply chain partner?

To work alongside Agilité Solutions is to team up with a human-scale company with a personal touch. As we continue on our goal to expand and grow across Europe, we are looking for reliable, skilled collaborators who can join us on the journey — continuing to execute to high standards and bolstering our reputation.

In return, we guarantee increased exposure, more projects, and higher payment terms — in short, a mutually beneficial arrangement.

What do we ask our of supply chain partners?

Before beginning a relationship with a partner, we always ensure each person meets the specific set of criteria and standards. We request a suitable set of references, a strong track record of previous work, possession of all relevant health and safety qualifications, and importantly, whether they are a good fit for our organisation, with a vision and values that reflect our own.


Our commitment to sustainability and quality

For us, sustainability is not just a trend, we incorporate it into everything we do at Agilité Solutions, constantly implementing new procedures in order to reduce our carbon footprint and protect the ground beneath our feet.

In fact, on many of our strip out projects, we have initiated a scheme where the waste is then passed on to other organisations for reuse — so nothing is wasted.


Where do you come in?

We are always on the lookout for reliable, qualified, and hard-working subcontractors to boost our delivery and ensure we continue to provide a high-quality service to our clients throughout Europe and overseas.

So, if you’d like to team up with a pan-European organisation that has quality at the heart of everything they do, get in touch with Agilité Solutions today, or complete our supply chain enquiry form.


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