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Supply Chain

Hundreds of strategic partners. One trusted network.

The expertise of our internal experts is enhanced, from country to country, by the strategic partnerships we have worked hard to develop locally.

We knew from the very beginning of Agilité’s journey, that if we were to help clients enter, relocate or expand throughout Europe – and beyond – we couldn’t rely solely on our own skill-sets. Regulations, procedures and cultures vary, sometimes even on a state to state level, and although we’re experienced in every element of general contracting – and usually speak the language – our turnkey projects are often bolstered by the input of others. We like to support the growth of local suppliers too.

Construction specialists who care about our clients.

We didn’t ever just want to subcontract our work and risk jeopardising the service levels we were focusing so hard to deliver. We’re looking for construction specialists who care about our clients just as much as we do. That’s why we’ve spent so much time developing trusted relationships throughout the supply chain, in every country we’ve established a presence.

And when we expand into a new geographical market, the same search for potential strategic partners, unfolds. It’s the only way we can guarantee projects as close to snag free as possible, time after time.

What role does Agilité play in the supply chain?

As a general contractor we have a wide breadth of expertise to deliver turnkey construction projects with consistent quality control and a passion for a personable service, from start to finish.

But we recognise that every client project is different, as are the teams assembled to deliver a brief. So, we are also often hired purely to provide one or two specific elements of a scheme, from initial space planning expertise to the execution of a pre-determined fit out design – and anything in between!

This end-to-end knowledge yet flexible approach sees us trusted not only by clients, but also some of the most renowned names in the commercial property market.

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Supply Chain
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