Our responsibility

We exist to optimise our customer experience.

Minimise our environmental impact.

Agilité was purposefully established to redefine the spaces we work in – but we also recognise that our industry needs to evolve as well. That’s why we’re constantly trying to integrate more sustainable working practices in all that we do.

According to research by Bimhow, the construction sector is thought to contribute to 50% of climatic change, 40% of water pollution, and 50% of landfill wastes. Our industry’s collective vision should be for a sustainable built environment that mitigates and adapts to climate change – and there’s no better time to start.

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Responsible supply chain

We’ve never wanted to simply subcontract our work and risk jeopardising the integrity we focus so hard to deliver. We therefore work alongside construction specialists who care about people and the planet just as much as we do. That’s why we’ve spent so much time developing trusted relationships throughout the supply chain, in every country we’ve established a presence.

And when we expand into a new geographical market, the same search for potential strategic partners, unfolds. It’s the only way we can guarantee projects meet the standards we’ve set for ourselves, time after time.

With our sustainability consultancy partner, A Beautiful Green, we conducted a supplier analysis to understand where we stood regarding sustainability into our partnerships. It helped us see more clearly where we needed to improve, and where we wanted to strengthen valuable partnerships. As for now, we have a responsible purchasing policy and ask each one of our suppliers to sign and comply to our supplier code of conduct.

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Putting it into practice

As a purpose-driven company, we are deeply committed to affecting positive change through our own initiatives. 

Our ESG Manifesto acts as a formal publication of our commitment to sustainability and environmental, social and governance (ESG).

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Projects we support

Protecting the world’s water

The knock-on impact construction can have on the oceans and our planet’s water isn’t something that can be left unchecked, which is why we’re proactively working towards reducing those negative impacts in our own operations and services.

What’s more, we’ve also committed to donating 2% of our profits each year to help projects which we believe can help the building industry be more sustainable.

of profits

towards making the building industry more sustainable

Our chosen beneficiaries are:

Charity: Water supporter logo

Our projects consume a lot of water, and we firmly believe everyone should have access to a clean resource. charity: water is a non-profit organisation bringing safe drinking water to people in developing countries – and we’re supporting one of its projects in Madagascar.

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As a business, we know that we contribute to landfill. Therefore, it was important for us to support an initiative which is helping to put that right. This non-profit organisation is developing and scaling technologies to rid the world’s oceans of plastic.

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Construction creates a vast amount of CO2, of which mangroves are a significant consumer – and the Mangrove Action Project exists to preserve, conserve, and restore this vital ecosystem. We were impressed by the organisation’s grassroots, bottom-up approach to mangrove conservation and restoration issues.

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All over the world, glasses that are still in good condition, but no longer suited to the eyesight of their owners, are sadly discarded. Lunettes sans frontières is a not-for-profit — founded in 1974, — which sorts, cleans, and ships 70,000 pairs of spectacles each year to people living in third world countries who cannot afford new glasses of their own.

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What’s more, we’re also keen to support charities, projects, or initiatives that matter to our colleagues, and have ringfenced a pot of money to back their philanthropic interests, too – with no caveat around the type of support we provide.

The support doesn’t solely need to be financial, either – we’re happy to dedicate time to distribute supplies, support youth learning, back clean-up campaigns, or any other in-kind initiatives that matter to our team.

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During the strip-out phase of our projects, we make a point of looking for opportunities to reuse, recycle, or donate any fixings and furniture that’s still in find working order – as we did during our project with QBE.

Don’t just take our word for it…

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