EP Produzione: new headquarters in the heart of Milan

6th Oct 2022

Agilité Solutions was entrusted with the implementation of a fit-out project to customise the office space.

EP Produzione, the Italian power generation company of Czech energy group EPH, lands in Milan with a new office at 11 Via Verziere, just a short walk from the Duomo. Agilité has been entrusted with services related to the preliminary phases up to and including the post-delivery phases of the project.

This is a newly-renovated property on the seventh floor of an elegant building located in the heart of the city's historic centre, in the Corso Europa district and within walking distance from Via Francesco Sforza, a crucial junction of Milan's road system.

The design paid great attention to the quality of space, favouring open-space work areas that facilitate sharing and interaction, as well as spaces dedicated to quiet and concentration, such as phone boots, and two large meeting rooms. In an effort to improve the human experience in the office, sound-absorbing acoustic panels with high-performance materials were applied to the walls and ceiling to minimize the noise in the work environment.

The finishes and furnishings, both custom and mass-produced, are the distinguishing features of this intervention: the glass walls, which were made with frames from the colour chosen to be consistent with the brand's hue; the vinyl flooring, which proposes a geometric design in the entrance; the joinery furniture and the lacquered slatted panelling.

The project's colour choices offer plays of colour between paint, carefully selected custom furniture lacquers, and acoustic coatings.

Graphics enriched the spaces with window decals, magnetic boards, and writable walls, in line with the coordinated image.

As for the plant engineering part, the electrical and mechanical system was upgraded with particular attention to air quality (by inserting micropure system) and light through the innovative konnex-managed lighting system that guarantees, thanks to intelligent monitoring, more comfort, more safety and more energy savings.

Despite the difficulties encountered in finding the materials, the offices were delivered on time.


Location: Via Verziere 11, Milan

Customer Name: EP PRODUCTION SpA

Project size: 270 square meters approx.

Construction Manager: Anna Filippi

Project Manager: Gianluca Bonadeo

Duration (start and end of work): 06/06/2022 - 15/09/2022


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