Meet our technical project manager… Ahmed Senhaji

28th Mar 2023

Fluent in three languages and hailing from Morocco, our technical project manager, Ahmed’s role sees him working closely with subcontractors, as well as supervising all site activities.

Ahmed ensures the smooth execution of work – from the initial start of the project, to meeting the client’s deadline – alongside the safety of all sites, and adherence to budgets.

Here, he tackles ten burning questions about his background, experience, and favourite elements of his role…


1.         Tell us what attracted you to Agilité?

I was ready for a new challenge in my career. Agilité is a growing company and I wanted to play a part in its expansion. In addition, many of the projects we work on are for prestigious, well-known clients – something that really appealed to me.


2.         Can you share a little bit about your background?

My background is in MEP design, working on HVAC systems while supervising all technical elements of a project. Having spent five and a half years in a similar role to the one I have now, I was enticed here by the prospect of working on more office, retail, and hospitality developments for world-leading brands.


3.         Describe a defining moment in your career.

In my very first role, I worked as an HVAC engineer. My fledgling project was 27,000 sqm in Algiers. Three months after completion, I became the main point of contact between my team and the client — a huge challenge for me, which advanced my career significantly!


4.         What does your role involve?

Supervising all technical aspects of our projects while analysing complex documents for tenders — such as surveys and designs.


5.         The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who is it?

I don’t have one specific client. But a project would be one that challenges us and incorporates beautiful features, luxury elements, and strong architecture.


6.         When you’re not at work, where are we most likely to find you?

I like to cook. My specialty is Moroccan food, but I like experimenting with all cuisines. I also enjoy watching TV series’ and hanging out with my friends.


7.         Which country or city is at the top of your ‘must-visit’ list?

Albania. I’ve heard it’s a beautiful, natural, and authentic place.


8.         What’s your favourite productivity trick?

When I enjoy what I am doing, I never struggle to stay focused.


9.         How would you describe Agilité to a relative? 

A growing, vibrant company with a great energy.


10.        As an organisation with sustainability at its heart, Agilité is dedicated to minimising environmental impact within the construction industry. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the sector, and how do you think we can rectify it?

The challenge is to construct ‘smart’ buildings that are environmentally friendly, well-designed, and consume minimal energy. A key method is utilising local materials and products that don’t have a negative impact on the environment.

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