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Contemporary office commercial interiors project to customise innovative space for a global mobility-tech provider.

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A 350 sqm fit-out project in a prime London location, to customise new, contemporary office space for a company at the cutting edge of technological advances. This included the installation of a green wall, creating a warm welcome for staff and clients, and enhancing office acoustics. A dual office space was created with the addition of new partition, timber and glass doors, enabling both a separate and collaborative working environment with access control for greater privacy between spaces.

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Agilité was appointed to provide a contemporary office fit-out in London for a premier mobility-tech provider.


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The project had a very tight schedule of four weeks for both the preconstruction and construction work, which meant no room for any delays — a deadline which was met through detailed planning. Agilité built relationships very quickly with third parties to obtain the necessary permits and ensure deliveries could be made outside of the allocated hours set by the building manager. At one stage, acoustic panels were physically walked up to the office by the team, when delivery was made outside this set timeframe. The prime London location near Tower Bridge and St Katherine’s Dock meant strict security and building protocols needed to be followed.


Agilité had an excellent relationship with the client’s architecture and design company, Gensler, having partnered with them on previous projects, so approvals were easy to discuss and confirm. Challenges included the tight timeframe, restricted delivery times, long lead times for materials — including double glazed doors for the glazed tea-room area— and an external contract manager leaving part way through the project.


As Agilité was on site daily, regular face-to-face conversations took place with the client — enabling any design adaptation requests to be managed smoothly, without any unnecessary delays. The project took shape collaboratively, with innovation, and best-value solutions at the heart. Strong supply chain relationships were also important, to ensure everything was delivered on time. Regular communication meant there was great commitment from everyone involved.


Delivery was on time, despite the extremely tight timescale. Some additional design requests, discussed in person, and change orders meant the scope of works increased comparatively to what was originally planned.

With a tight timeframe, regular face-to-face contact and very strong input from the client were essential on this innovative, contemporary office design fit-out. Multiple parties involved worked closely together to make the project a success.

Jules Coales
Project manager, Agilité

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