Welcome to the team… Leon De Klerk

21st Oct 2022

We’ve worked hard to recruit some of the most experienced global talent from the world of design, build, construction and project management.

Each month, we put one of our colleagues in the spotlight so you can learn a little more about their role.

Next up, it’s our new construction manager Leon …


  1. Tell us what attracted you to Agilité? 

    I was initially approached by Agilité with the prospect of coming to work for them. At the time, I was looking for a career change, and the opportunity to get back to my roots of retail construction for a growing organisation was too good to turn down.


  1. Can you share a little bit about your background? 

    As I previously alluded to, my experience is largely in the retail construction world — having held positions as both project and construction manager, in Germany as well as South Africa.

  2. Describe a defining moment in your career. 

    I oversaw the rollout of around 45 supermarkets on behalf of the biggest retailer in Southern Africa over the course of just two years. Amid this huge project, we also completed around 30 small shop fit-outs in three months — quite a significant, yet memorable, challenge!


  1. What does your new role involve? 

    As construction manager in Germany, I am charged with overseeing the on-site activities throughout an entire project lifecycle. Liaising with the sub-contractors, project manager, and client, I ensure that the developments are progressing within the agreed timeframe, and to an excellent standard.


  1. What are you most looking forward to doing? 

    There are a number of very exciting projects coming up, which I am looking forward to getting started on. The variety of Agilité’s portfolio means that the team is always kept on its toes, and we always have new obstacles to overcome.  


  1. The phone rings and it’s your dream client… who is it? 

    A client that presents an interesting and challenging brief which allows us to think outside the box.


  1. When you’re not at work, where are we most likely to find you? 

    I like to stay active, so in my spare time I will either be wakeboarding on a lake in Berlin, or running in a nearby forest.


  1. Which country or city is at the top of your ‘must-visit’ list? 

    For an off-the-beaten-track trip, South America. Or, for natural beauty and a completely different cultural experience, I’d opt for Japan.


  1. What’s your favourite productivity trick? 

    Break tasks down into small, manageable chunks.


  1. How would you describe Agilité Solutions to a relative? 

    A bespoke, general contractor that offers personalised solutions for each and every client.


  1. As an organisation with sustainability at its heart, Agilité Solutions is dedicated to minimising environmental impact within the construction industry. What do you think is the biggest challenge facing the sector, and how do you think we can rectify it? 

    I’d say the biggest challenge we are facing in the industry is waste. I think first steps towards rectifying this issue would be to change people’s mindsets around what should and shouldn’t be classed as ‘waste’.

Connect with Leon on LinkedIn to find out more about him.

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