World Water Day 2024 | an update from charity:water

20th Mar 2024

There’s no escaping the fact that the construction industry consumes a lot of water, and Agilité is proactively working towards reducing those negative impacts in our own operations and services.

We also believe everyone should have access to a clean resource, which is why we have been supporting charity:water – a non-profit organisation bringing safe drinking water to people in low and middle income countries – since 2022.

First, why Madagascar?

World water day 2024

The country has some of the worst water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) indicators in the world. Access to basic drinking water is only available to 54 percent of the population, with rural areas experiencing even lower coverage at 36 percent. Compounding these issues, Madagascar frequently encounters natural disasters such as floods, droughts and cyclones, which are anticipated to increase in frequency over time.

charity: water is working with its local partner, Catholic Relief Services (CRS) Madagascar, to improve conditions by constructing large-scale piped systems that pump clean water to tap stands.

Ensuring its work is sustainable, charity:water’s partner in the country forecasts population growth and water needs in 15 years’ time, to ensure the clean water systems built will serve future generations.

How is Agilité helping?

World water day 2024 (1)

To date, Agilité has helped to fund the construction of community tap stands in the Sofia and Atsinanana regions of the country. These taps are part of a wider grant, which is building 11 water systems and testing water quality that will eventually sustain 850 water points. The team has also conducted water system feasibility studies for five potential future water systems. Watch a video update, here.

Work on this particular project is due to complete in Spring 2024, so we’ll be able to communicate some more information about it in due course. And, having committed to supporting the charity for another three years, we’re looking forward to sharing details of the next initiative with you soon.

World Water Day is a United Nations (UN) observance coordinated by UN-Water. Every year, it raises awareness of a major water-related issue and inspires action to tackle the water and sanitation crisis. Find out more, here.

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