Meet our UK Commercial Manager… Nicholas Perry

2nd Apr 2024

As our operations grow across Europe, it’s essential to maintain top-level talent within the company. Each month, we lend the floor to one of our colleagues so they share their stories and opinions, and you can learn a little more about their role… Next up, it’s our UK commercial manager, Nicholas Perry.

1. Hello Nicolas! Firstly, tell us what inspired you to join the Agilité team.

Hi everyone! To me, Agilité represented a fantastic opportunity to join a rapidly growing team here in the UK and work with world-famous clientele.

2. Can you share a little bit about what you do, and the role you play in the delivery of Agilité's projects?

I am a Commercial Manager, so that means I look after procurement, cost/commercial management and, last but not least, financial reporting! I also assist with Pre-Construction and Tendering of new opportunities. My role will assist in maintaining project budgets and enhancing margins, as well as hopefully securing repeat business through a streamlined approach to contract and financial management.

3. How would you describe our organisation and the work we do to someone who had never heard of Agilité before?

We’re fast-paced, agile and innovative – these are the things that spring to mind straight away. One extra thing is our willingness to do the work that most aren’t, whether that’s our commitment to sustainability or our dedication to the client’s vision.

4. What has been your favourite Agilité project to work on, to-date?

Well, this is easy as I haven’t been here very long – it would be Alo Yoga on Regent St, which is my only live project… so far!

5. In your opinion, what makes Agilité stand out from the crowd? And how do you put your stamp on that distinction?

For a company with six European offices, the interconnection and fluid communication we keep between colleagues is very unique. It means we can collaborate near-seamlessly across borders, and that is really special.

6. Describe a defining moment in your career, and how it has shaped the work you do at Agilité.

Visiting Hamburg with Dan to meet the WRSTBHVR team in person and (hopefully) securing a crucial retail project outside of Germany, was a really important moment for me because it proved that Agilité are willing to go the extra mile to support clients in delivering the schemes that they want. We were the only GC to visit the team and site in Hamburg.

7. If a dream client were to call, who would it be and why?

I would say St Michael’s Developments, a major mixed-use redevelopment project in Manchester. It would be a privilege to work alongside the legend that is Gary Neville, who is near-single-handedly helping to transform the city centre.

8. What excites you most about the future of Agilité? How do you see your role contributing to this vision?

I love being a part of the growing UK business unit, and it’s going to be a pleasure to watch the team expand. As part of my role as commercial manager, working to increase our revenue streams is a major motivation too, and something I look forward to seeing!

9. In what ways do you envision Agilité continuing to lead the way in sustainable practices within the construction industry?

Encouraging our supply chains to join us in raising their standards and engaging in more sustainable practices, is important to us all here, and that has been recognised in the brilliant recent news that we are B Corp Certified!

10. What industry changes or trends do you think will have the biggest impact on our sector over the coming year?

Two of the biggest changes to our world recently have been AI and SaaS implementation – in and out of business we have seen massive changes in these areas. Amongst many other things, utilising both advancements in our projects will assist in making the industry paperless, and streamline the delivery of projects, from pre-construction at the beginning to the completion of the defect liability period at the end.

11. And finally, when you’re not at work, where are we most likely to find you?

Here in the UK, that depends a lot on the weather! I’ll be out on the golf course in summer, and inside a sweaty South London boxing gym in the winter!

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